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We're a team of developers and communicators that share a love for the nitty gritty details that do matter. We started 42he in order to build beautiful web-based software for small businesses. We think software has to be intuitive, focussed and it has not to please everyone. In order to help even more people run their work days we're seeking a frontend developer.

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Software company, ok. Tell me a little bit more...

We're building SaaS solutions for small businesses.

We believe in six simple rules.


Simplicity & ease of use

Great software comes from top of the line software design and a lean user interface. Software is not worth a thing without an intuitive usabilty.


Customer is king

As Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, we are building the best product and service for all of our clients. Therefore it's as easy and lean as possible.



What counts for design, also counts for our communication. We don't try to talk you into something with sales and marketing slang but clearly articulate conditions and terms of our services.


Transparency in pricing

We monthly bill our customers. We don't do long term contracts, don't have signup fees or hidden cost. You won't find any of these when doing business with us.



Business relations are based on honesty and trust. Our clients are our most important stakeholders. You hear about good or bad news at first. We don't take compromise in this.


We don't work for investors & VCs

42he is the company we'd love to build and we did it on our own. We don't take venture capital and rely on other peoples agenda. We report to our clients, not to venture capitalists or the stock market.

This is the team you'd join forces with.

Axel von Leitner Moritz Machner Sven Sester Arne Buchner René Kilczan Simon Boeffgen Anne Buch Estrella Moreira Rana Papachatzakis Lars Ortlepp Karina Leitner Joachim Hoss Jan Bück
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